Magnanimous Media

Magnanimous Media offers professional high definition video production assistance. The money you save on our advanced video production solutions allows you to invest deeper into your projects and create amazing cinematic results. Increased production value and savings allow you to prepare for the future: a future of advancing technologies and higher costs of living. Magnanimous Media stands firmly prepared to face these challenges with you. Please take the time to read our basic rental information. If your gear is in need of repair, take advantage of our repair service.

Sony F55 Package

Sony F55 includes two Sony 128GB SxS Pro+ cards, Card Reader, Viewfinder, PL mount, two batteries, Small HD DP7 Monitor, Sachtler vs20 Tripod, Arri Mattebox and Shoulder Bundle,Your Choice of a Cinema Prime Set, 2 Extra Batteries. Add the AXS-R5 recorder and two 512GB Drives for only $150/day.

  • $1100/Day
  • $3300/7 Days

Canon C500 Package

Canon C500 Includes two 64GB CF card, two Batteries, battery charger, Odyssey 7Q, Sachtler vs20 Tripod, Set of Canon Cine Primes, Mattebox Bundle, Two Extra Batteries, and two 512GB Drives.

  • $900/Day
  • $2700/7 Days

Canon C300 Package

Canon C300 Body includes one 64GB CF card, two Batteries, a battery charger, Sachtler vs20 Tripod, Mattebox Bundle, Set of Canon Cine Primes, Two Extra Batteries, and Your Choice of the SmallHD DP7 or Odyssey 7Q OLED Monitor/Recorder.

  • $700/Day
  • $2100/7 Days

RED Scarlet-X Package

Red Scarlet (EF or PL) includes four 64Gb Redmag cards, four RedVolt batteries, Travel Charger, Red Station card reader, Redmote, Touchscreen Monitor, Sachtler vs20 Tripod, Mattebox Bundle, Your Choice of a Cinema Prime Set, Two Extra Batteries, Two Extra 64GB Redmags and the Small HD DP7. (Upgrade to the Epic for only $200.)

  • $800/Day
  • $2400/7 Days

Sony FS700 4K Package

Includes Sony FS700 (EF or PL adapter), HXR-IFR5 interface, AXS-R5 Recorder, two Sony 512GB SSDs, Charger, Drive Reader, SmallHD AC7, Sachtler vs20 Tripod, Mattebox Bundle, two Anton Bauer batteries, and Your Choice of a Cinema Prime Set.

  • $850/Day
  • $2550/7 Days

Movi Package

Includes Movi M10 Motion Stabilizer, Teradek Bolt, Bartech Wireless Follow Focus, Anton Bauer Four Battery Package, Anton Bauer Multi PowerTap, 7ft Anton Bauer Power Tap Cable, Anton Bauer Battery Adapter Kit, and Movi Tech/Operator. (Regular day rates apply for the Tech/Operator.)

  • $900/Day
  • $2700/7 Days

Panasonic AF100 Package

Includes Panasonic AG-AF100, Lens Adapter,Your Choice of a Cinema Prime Set, Mattebox Bundle, Manfrotto 509HD Tripod Kit, Odyssey7Q Monitor & Recorder Kit, and two extra batteries.

  • $600/Day
  • $1800/7 Days

BMCC Package

Blackmagic Camera (EF) includes Two 256GB SSD drives, Two 512gb SSD Drives, SSD Reader, A/C power, Manfrotto 509 Tripod, Mattebox Bundle with BMCC Cage, Your Choice of Three Cinema Primes, Four Anton Bauer Batteries with battery plate and adapter. (Upgrade to the Blackmagic 4k camera for only $40.)

  • $500/Day
  • $1500/7 Days

BMPCC Package

Includes Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Wooden Camera Quick Base, Lens Adapter, Mattebox Bundle, Your Choice of Three Cinema Primes, Manfrotto 509HD Tripod, Switronix Pocket Base for Blackmagic Pocket, and SmallHD AC7 OLED Field Monitor

  • $400/Day
  • $1200/7 Days

Cinema Package

Your Choices of Canon C100, Sony FS100, Panasonic AF100, or BMCC. Your Choices of a Redrock Mattebox Bundle or Shoulder Rig. Your Choice of 6 Canon L Lenses. Your Choice of the Atomos Samurai or Ninja. Also Includes Manfrotto 509 Tripod, Roland R44 Field Recorder, Boom and Shotgun Package, and 5-Light Arri Kit

  • $600/Day
  • $1800/7 Days

Production Package

Includes Your Choice of Sony PMW-EX1R, Panasonic AG-AF100, or Sony NEX-EA50UH, Two Cards, Card Reader, Manfrotto 504 Tripod, Lite Panel Micro, Litepanel 1x1 Kit, Wireless Lav mic, and Shotgun Mic.

  • $300/Day
  • $900/7 Days